Cancer and baseball and a passing comment… the connection

Written almost a year ago to the day .. Alexander’s school’s annual holiday show is this Wednesday.

Balanced Living with Cancer

Woke this morning with events of yesterday replaying in my mind and shouting to be put down in writing.

Yesterday was an interesting day. Most of it spent at the ball park, freezing I might add, with an incredible group of parents and friends watching our boys play baseball in a tournament. It was a hard day for the boys. And probably an even harder day for the coaches, I imagine. Frustration is a word that comes to mind. We lost both games, the second one badly, as the boys struggled to keep their focus with each scoring run by the other team.

Later in the evening, Alexander and I visited friends at an annual holiday party. Visiting, laughing and playing the drums (yes, I did, along with others) –my son was mortified, but dang it felt good – was what we both needed, especially after the past week.


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