About Us

I am a mom to two sons ages 12 and 16 and a daughter 19, who keep me going each day with their inquisitive questions, dry humor, and smiles.  I am also a dietitian, nutrition instructor at our local university, writer, and spokesperson.  I chair committees for national nutrition groups and have advanced degrees in nutrition and epidemiology.  My husband, a gastroenterologist, has cancer and the relentless disease and its treatments have dictated our lives for the past four years.  I’ve seen medicine from the inside out and from the outside looking in.  I’ve studied the science.  Pleaded with God.  Bargained with emergency room administrators.  Petitioned our state’s medical insurance board for denied lifesaving treatment.  Laughed at the ironies. Embraced the unknown.  Let go of control.  Begged for peace.  Through it all, I am learning that sometimes it is best to ride the horse the direction it is going.