About Balanced Living with Cancer

The purpose of this blog is to share my family’s story in hopes that it will help and inspire other young families living with a husband, wife, partner, mother or father with cancer.  Along the way, I’ll share my thoughts and musings about raising our three young children, making treatment decisions, dealing with health insurance companies, and managing personal relationships, while caring for my husband whose cancer has directed our lives for the past nine years.   I will also use my background in nutrition and epidemiology to share what the science is telling us about diet and the environment and cancer.  My hope is that we can find answers together as we strive to find balance, while living with cancer.


6 thoughts on “About Balanced Living with Cancer

  1. How KIND, and BRAVE and Wonderful of you to share..I have found that chatting with fellow survivors and familes have given us the best “tips” and good paths for this unexpeceted journey. To you and your lovely family…all our best.

    Susan Polanco de Couet

  2. Beautifully written with purpose and poise. You are amazingly strong…..
    Xo Liz

  3. I knew you would find your voice throughout this journey. As a cancer survivor, I realized I don’t like this term. Not because it doesn’t describe me but rather because it seems so disrepectful to those who had a more aggessive form of the disease and despite their best efforts, did not. If nothing else, cancer humbles you. It brings you to your knees. We all have the ability in our own special way to get up. Thanks for finding your special way! You are an inspiration to all of us. Love you!

  4. I’m so glad you decided to put this on paper and share with others. Your journey is one of but many out there; however your strength, persistence, attitude and perspective are uniquely yours and I feel others will feel this in your writing (I certainly did!) and benefit from your insights. I also think you will gain from hearing about other peoples’ experiences and together it becomes more tenable, or at the least, a community rather than a sole individual trying to navigate the unknown. I hope you continue to prioritize this blog in your very busy life, not only to help yourself, but so many others. Much love to you and your beautiful family!

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